Save team drafts you create on Fantasy Premier League.

Why Draftnik?

Do you spend hours tinkering with your squad?
Do you use screenshots to keep track of the different team drafts you create?
Do you wish there was an easier way to do that?

Save team drafts from the FPL transfers page

The Draftnik Chrome extension adds a button on the FPL transfers page for you to save the current squad of 15 you have created.

Draftnik Chrome extension
Draftnik Chrome extension

View a summary of your saved drafts

The Draftnik Chrome extension allows you to view a summary of all your saved drafts - the players in the squad and their next 3 fixtures.

View your saved drafts on the Dashboard

You can view all your saved drafts in more detail on the Draftnik Dashboard. You can see all your saved drafts for a given gameweek, and on each draft, you can see every player's next 3 fixtures.

Draftnik dashboard
Draftnik shared draft

Share your saved drafts

You can share drafts you create using a unique link for your draft. You can also clone shared drafts to have a copy of it on your dashboard.

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